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Summer Camp Richmond Hill – Select the Best for Your Kids

Date: 2022-03-10

Summer time is free time for the kids as they get their holidays and can enroll themselves into summer camps at Richmond Hill. This helps them learn new activities while having fun. A wide variety of summer camps for kids are offered by Richmond Hill. The summer camps cater to different age groups and different interests. The summer camps in Richmond Hill offered by Go Beyond Academy are well developed to cater to different learning styles and needs of children of all ages in an accepting environment.

Camps can be outdoor or indoor activities where groups of children are participating in sports and games. Go Beyond Academy also has Summer Camps for children with special needs in Richmond Hill.

Go Beyond Academy ensures their summer camps enable the children and youth to spend their free time positively and in a fun way.


Features of Summer Camp for Kids Richmond Hill by Go Beyond Academy

  1. Camps designed according to age groups: Summer camps for kids at Richmond Hill are designed based on age groups. For the younger kids, children summer camps will be the best. For the slightly older kids, youth camps would suit them the best. Learning programs and activities in these camps are created based on the age groups. Selection of the right camp is crucial as it will help in developing the intellect as well as learning how to have fun for the children.
  2. Provide your child with the vital skills required for the future: Go Beyond Academy has a team of trained and experienced teachers. Every teacher has sound STEM knowledge and adequate experience to give the desired result in a secure and fun environment.

Go Beyond Academy makes use of technology to assist the children in developing social skills, being confident, ability to adapt to changes, being positive and becoming a kind students.

Go Beyond Academy with its summer camp for kids Richmond Hill program, offers a curriculum that provides real-life lessons and instances of success. It has been developed by leaders in various industries as well as by STEM Experts.

Summer Camp Richmond Hill – Select the Best for Your Kids

Top Reasons for Joining Summer Camp Richmond Hill

Kids are totally free during their summer break. And parents find it difficult to keep them engaged in fruitful activities. It is important that kids have fun and learn something new in their free time. Summer camp is the perfect place for the kids where they get to learn lifelong skills.

There are innumerable benefits of camp as the learning is not confined to the classrooms. They get to appreciate nature, understand the value of playtime and appreciate nature in a true sense.

Read on to find out more about the summer camps where the kids get to have their cake, flavoured with a blend of learning and fun, and eat it too.

  1. Building Social Skills and Friendships: If you get to talk to any of the camp alumni you will get to know about some of the most meaningful lessons and friendships. The kids get the perfect environment for taking social risks. There are several camps that suggest a crash course associated with meeting new people, building social skills, exploring independence and improving self-esteem. If you choose the summer camp program of Go Beyond Academy you can stay assured of one thing your kid will learn a lot about cooperation, teamwork, and negotiation.
  2. Developing Confidence and Resilience: Someone has rightly said that the present generation is the "bubble-wrapped" generation. Most of the parents of the present times are overprotective. They do not wish their kid to be out of their sight even for a single minute and this is not something good for the child’s overall development. To deal with such a scenario a camp proves to be tremendously beneficial. These places push the children out of their comfort zone with activities like dramatics, high ropes courses and wilderness camping. They get to learn that it is absolutely fine to fail and it is important to keep on trying.
  3. Staying Fit: Kids these days are facing problems like obesity. It is due to the fact that they do not involve in physical activities. In summer camps physical activities are blended in the form of games and fun. It is a fantastic idea to take on a healthy lifestyle. There are several camps that ban electronic gadgets completely and involve children in physical activities. It is a great way of ensuring that the kids get off their couch and enjoy the outdoor activities.
  4. Learning Leadership Qualities: A leader is a person who is ready to take charge of the situation and ensure teamwork in activities. He or she must have decision-making capabilities and confidence to deal with tricky situations. Children get to share a strong bond with their teammates during a group activity. Go Beyond Academy offers the perfect place to learn how to work with everyone.
  5. Continuing Education During Summer Break: Go Beyond Academy offers the perfect opportunity to continue education even during the summer break. The children get to read and write subjects like English and French. Also, such camps are the perfect place for the children to learn archery, canoeing, lifelike teamwork
  6. , and apply the lessons learned in real-life situations. The best part of such programs is the fact that kids don’t even realize that they are learning as they focus completely on having fun. The enjoyable activities keep them engaged.