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Go Beyond

Go Beyond Academy (GBA), located at 11-35 West Pearce Street, Richmond Hill, was founded in 2013.

Our goal was to build an education centre where kids can develop their arts and learning skills. In the recent years, we were making sturdy progress to enrich every GBA student’s learning skills, knowledge and mentality. Since its inception, GBA has had over 200 students, 12 teachers, and offers courses including piano, guitar, violin, music theory, math, English, French, science, biology and chemistry.

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My name is Ray and I am a Grade 5 student. This is my third year at Go Beyond Academy. I feel my spelling, and writing has improved the most. I got such a high mark in the EQAO when I was in Grade 3. It's all because of my times at Go Beyond Academy. I've been learning English here ever since!


I'm Charlotte H, and I am in Grade 1. I have always loved drawing and painting, especially on My Little Pony. I draw it during the art classes here but I'm not always good at it. My drawings look much better after my teacher taught me now to do it right.

Charlotte H

My name is Henry and I am 10 years old. I have been playing the guitar for the past three years. I've studied with Mr. Segall at Go Beyond all this time. Guitar is a fun class; we always get to play wonderful music. Sometimes we even get to sing along with the song, as Mr. Segall always has interesting classes with me!


Hello, my name is Bobby. I started basic theory last year, and the class only took about 3 months. At the last class, we got a chance to do an exam. I got a 95%! I did really well in this class. But then I got to know everyone else's mark, they were in the 90s as well!


I'm Jolynna V. and I am 8 years old. I have studied piano at Go Beyond for 1 year. I have not learned the piano for a long time and I am already level 2. I couldn't give all the credit to myself because the teacher helps me so much. Thank you Ms. Gao.

Jolynna V