Go Beyond Academy Attendance Policy


What you need to know before the term starts


If a student is away, students/parents are requested to notify the school 24 hours in advance. Please explain the reason for personal leave, and provide a doctor's note for sick leave. Missing classes from the student or absences from teachers can be counted as a Credit and reserved for the next term’s tuition. There will be no refund/credit if you take a leave of absence or forget to attend class due to non-important matters.

Offline/online classes

Except for the courses marked online only, we can provide hybrid classes for other group classes. For students who cannot come to school but can attend classes at home, please notify customer service in advance, and this class will be switched to online (in the new semester, everyone is encouraged to study offline). For one-on-one private lessons, it is not recommended to temporarily change the class method (please keep classes as in person or online as is). For specific circumstances, please contact the customer service for consultation.

Make-up classes for one-to-one lessons

If the student or the teacher asks for leave in advance due to illness or other valid reasons, we will contact the teacher to give the student a make-up lesson. If the teacher’s schedule is too busy for a make-up lesson, we need time to make the adjustment. If there is no suitable make-up time, the missed class will be counted as credit and reserved for later use.

Recording for Group class courses

For students who notify customer service in advance to ask for leave, and do not participate in the course on the day of the class, we can provide a class recording. For students who give less than twenty four hour notice, or students who have already participated in the course, unless the teacher specifically instructs, no class recording will be provided. The teacher will provide learning materials. If you want to review the course content, you can refer to the class materials and homework. If you have any questions, you can email customer service. We will convey the student’s questions to the teacher, and then convey the teacher's reply to you in time. Refund/credit will no longer be offered for courses that have been recorded and sent to the student. Thank you for your understanding.

Principal's mailbox: [email protected]

If you have any comments about any of our teachers, please contact our principal for feedback, it is very important to us!