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English Reading & Writing Program in Markham and Richmond HIll

Date: 2022-05-08

In today’s changing world of studies, critical reading and effective writing are the most vital things to learn. Tutors know how to help students with their learning skills. Students should start extra-curricular classes early. This is done so that by the time students are in their high school years, they are at the level with the basics and advances of English reading and writing in Markham. Go Beyond Academy knows how to provide support for students from kindergarten to the university level. We know how to make a person successful, whether through analyzing a book or through writing. We know how to write a thesis paper and also know ’what to read’ and ’what not to’.


Our Philosophy to Ensure student success in English reading writing in Markham

Go Beyond Academy is known for having students from all over the world. We aim to enhance students’ fluency and confidence so students can achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. This is possible only through genuine and determined teachers’ guidance, who take care of the students every step of the way.

The staff does not leave any stone unturned. We provide students with an experience that they can cherish for life.


All of GBA’s English language classes depends on the need of the students and can be adjusted whenever required. GBA use students' interests to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their learning. This is not only the main objective of Go Beyond Academy but we also take care of the student’s personal needs. All the challenges are taken by GBA, with the responsibility to turn them into successes. All the required steps to make the student confident and successful are cared about by GBA as well. Thus, the kids get the best exposure to English reading and writing in Markham at Go Beyond Academy.

One of the main objectives of this school is to provide the students with lessons and tasks that challenge what the students have learned. Students should be well aware of what they are studying and be helped to identify their learning goals.

The experienced faculty staff work extensively with students, making them fluent in English reading, and writing in Markham.