2017 Summer Camp Richmond Hill

summer camp richmond hill

Summer, 2017 Go Beyond’s Summer Camp Richmond Hill – Arts and Writing World. For summer 2017, we have not only our play and fun camp. Also, a new Writing World camp as well. For those students who wanted to be academically stronger. Our writing summer camp Richmond Hill provided a strong academic support for those.…

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2016 Summer Camp

Summer, 2016 Go Beyond Summer Camp Every year we try to come up with something fun for our summer camp. For the year 2016, our drama and play themed camp seems to have caught the interest of many of our students. Students had an enjoyable experience doing the acting and taking on different roles for…

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2013 Summer Camp

Summer 2013, Go Beyond started its first summer camp. We had a group of 15 – 20 students per week. The students had a fantastic time, we had art class, piano class, math and language class, and went on amazing field trips. Some of the fantastic places we went include the Toronto Zoo, the Science…

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