Why strong afterschool richmond hill programs matter

Students need more than a strong curriculum, good teachers, and time in the classroom to succeed. Afterschool Richmond Hill programs can embrace the hours between the time school closes and parents return from work to provide children.

Today’s afterschool Richmond hill programs do so much more than keep kids safe.  Afterschool programs are at the cutting edge of combining education and youth development, creating programs that children want to attend. Where hands-on, fun creative learning is the norm.  Parents choose to send their children to these programs.  Afterschool educators plan carefully to ensure the curriculum is exciting so that the students will come back.

The best afterschool programs understand that schools alone can’t prepare our children for success. And work closely with teachers to produce activities that enhance and complement but do not replicate, the school day.

Also, afterschool programs engage a host of community-based organizations and volunteers from places.  These organizations leverage the best of communities to help students succeed.

Merely adding more time to existing tasks or classes won’t make schools or students more successful in school or more productive in life.  In fact, there is a real danger it could make them less productive because those who don’t respond well to the intense focus on teaching to the test will become more disengaged.

Yet, some in powerful positions want to ignore these dangers and redirect afterschool funds to efforts to add time to the school day, even if doing so devastates the only federally funded education program that thoughtfully provides additional learning time to at-risk students during the hours before school, after school, and over the summer.

If this happens it will be a terrible loss for students, working families, communities. And, in the long term, our country.

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