2017 Message for Staff and Students

Dear Staff and Students,

Since the four years our school has opened, we have had an increase in enrollment every month! We now have about 150 students enrolled in our respective programs. Our featured programs in Tutoring – Math, English, Science, French, Chemistry, and Biology, Music – Piano, Theory, Guitar, Violin, Ballet, and Art have attracted many students.

About one-third of our students are in the gifted program. It has been shown that students who choose to enroll in our music program tend to excel academically at their day school as well. In the past month, three students from our school has passed the first round of the Gifted Program Assessment.

Our academic tutoring program has contributed to this success. When students are learning at Go Beyond, we engage them with repetitive, difficult learning worksheets in Math, and English. We prepare our students as if they are learning ahead of their Grade level (if possible!) All of the activities and worksheets have been prepared by myself, students work on the Singapore Math Series, Math Mammoth Series, and Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Reading Activities based on various publishers.

At Go Beyond, we believe in maintaining high quality education for our students. We pay attention to homework completion and class attentiveness. Every student enrolled in our Academic Tutoring program is cared for, as we always look to improve the student’s academic level. Let us help your student in achieving academic success!


Roy Fan